Ladies Spring Retreat

The 2019 Ladies Retreat will be held on April 26-28 at Spruce Lake Retreat Center featuring Rachel Schmoyer as our speaker.

A resident of the Lehigh Valley, Rachel is married to a Bible Fellowship Church pastor and is raising four kids ages nine thru thirteen. A graduate of Cairn University, she has a passion for everyone to find simple truths in the complex parts of scripture. Her blog "Read the Hard Parts of Scripture" has been featured in several magazines, including Focus on the Family. When she is not blogging, reading biographies on the First Ladies helps her unwind and forget about the piles of dishes needing to be washed!

Rachel is excited to spend a weekend with us in April and looks forward to sharing God's word on Finding Wisdom in the book of Proverbs.

Get to know Rachel a bit more by visiting her blog at: