Our community has needed a preschool like Calvary's for many years. For our family, it was an answer to prayer. The children are taught, cared for, and guided all under the covering of a belief in Jesus Christ and the knowledge of God's Word. From the very start the teachers had that class running like a well oiled machine. Their strengths compliment one another's so seamlessly that you would think they have been teaching together for years.

I love that my daughter was excited about school and enjoyed every minute of it. She truly loves learning about Jesus and sharing with her family all that she learned at school.

The Preschool at Calvary addressed all of my expectations and hopes for my son's first preschool experience. His teachers were dedicated and caring as they helped my child with his spiritual, social, and academic development. My son absolutely loved coming to school each day. I can't wait for my other children to have similar experiences as they enter this preschool in the future.

I think it is a great Christian atmosphere where I feel safe leaving my child. The teachers are friendly and awesome with the kids. It is all around wonderful.

I appreciated how gentle the teachers were yet firm with the children. They get to know each child and hold them accountable for their individual areas of growth while everyone is held to the same standards....The Preschool at Calvary builds relationships with the entire family. Not only because they care but they know that whatever is going on at home impacts the students' learning in the classroom....most importantly, they not only teach a Christian curriculum, but they live a Christian witness.