Adult Sunday School Options

June to August 10:00 am

Two Options for Your Consideration:

1. James: Faith in Action

A brief book, James' five chapters are chock full of practical teaching, encouragement, and helpful advice for Christians. Gary Sterner gives us an in-depth look at this great book.

2. Contemporary Issues

Every Summer Calvary offers an outstanding series of "stand alone" studies bringing a biblical perspective to current issues. Following is the schedule:

June 4 Reflections on "Washed and Waiting"; Spiritual Friendships
Author Wesley Hill is a celibate Christian who has always struggled with same-sex attraction. How should the Church respond to such an individual? Can a fellowship of believers walk beside a brother, developing godly friendships to fill the loneliness? Guest John Studenroth, campus ministries chaplain with the BFC leads this valuable biblical study and consideration of Hill's challenging book.

June 11 Politics and the Pulpit
Separation of Church and State. The Johnson Amendment. Freedom of speech balanced with the potential for establishment of state religion. Where should the church stand on politics and the pulpit? If the Gospel is being proclaimed clearly from the Scriptures, is there place for politics? Can preaching be free of political agenda and yet be sound and complete? Mike Baca takes on this timely issue.

June 18 Have a Drink: Imbibing or Abstaining
Paul teaches that drunkenness is sin, but the scriptures don't require abstinence. While the moderate use of alcohol is more and more becoming the norm for professing Believers the abuse and damage it causes is pervasive. What is the church's stance? What guidelines are best to follow for ourselves, for the weaker brother, and for the next generations? Matt Arthur leads.

June 25 Millennials: A Different Way of Thinking
Born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennial Generation is tech savvy. Many are politically and religiously unaffiliated and disillusioned by older generations. While some identify them as narcissistic, they are caring and committed to the right cause. Reality is, the future of the evangelical church will rest on Millennials. Steve Behrens considers how the Church can minister to this important generation?

July 2 Do All Lives Matter?
We glibly respond, "Of course!" But do we really believe that and has history shown that to be true? Remember that 41 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence ("all men are created equal") owned slaves. If biblically, "all lives matter," what can and should be done to insure that premise?
Dave Twardzik helps us consider Wayne Gordon/John Perkins book, "Do All Lives Matter?"

July 9 No Place for Misogyny
Created in His image, male and female both deserve respect, value, honor...and a place in His Church. While Paul's writing warns the outspoken Corinthian woman to control herself and urges men to give oversight to ministry, there is no place for us to disregard women of faith. Calvary highly values our ladies and their gifts impact on the church. Gene Parris addresses this concern.

July 16 Developing a "Heart to Care"
For decades Calvary has provided considerable support for Pastor Philip Osenya, his wife Carin, and their "Heart to Care" ministry in Kenya. For the very first time the Osenyas will be here to visit with us on American soil and share their hearts for the widows and orphans of Kenya. We're taking this unique opportunity to have Pastor Philip share during the Sunday School hour.

July 23 Women Who Impacted Their World...and Ours
Recently Christianity Today featured an article titled, "Fifty Women You Should Know." Today we'll look at just three women who impacted the world...and still have impact right now. From Moms to hymn writers, activists to missionaries, valued "help-meets" to decision-makers, we'll consider women God is still using for His glory and the good of His Church today.

July 30 No Class – Fifth Sunday Celebration

August 6 It Didn't Just Happen
Since Lehigh's Professor Michael Behe presented his theory of "Intelligent Design" many scientists have admitted that somehow our world and all that is in it came to be purely by time, matter, and chance. Colossians 1:12-16 says, "For by Him all things were created; created by Him and for Him." What is the empirical and biblical evidence that the universe required an "Intelligent Designer?"

August 13 What If They Leave?
We place high value on marriage and God Himself states that He hates divorce. But what does the Bible really say? While the Bible might allow for divorce (but doesn't command it) in cases of adultery, are there other "exceptions"? I Corinthians 7 sheds light on what takes place if an unbelieving spouse initiates divorce from a believing mate. Jim Quartuccio leads the study on biblical directives regarding divorce.

August 20 Christians and Culture: Movies and the Gospel
The grace of "Schindler's List," the sacrifice displayed in "Jane Austen," the heart of love shown in "Tender Mercies," or the powerful images in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" just scratch the surface of the Gospel messages portrayed in the films of our generation. We've invited media specialist, Howard Donnell to join us for this session.

August 27 Good and Angry
Admit it. Most of our anger is sinful. We didn't get our way. Someone cut us off on the road. The gas tank is empty, the milk is gone, or 101 other things. But what of the times when we're told to "be angry but don't sin?" When is anger justified and how can it be controlled and purposeful? What safeguards and guidelines need to be in place to be "good...and angry?"

Fall Offerings beginning September 3

Amazing Grace: The Book of Romans Part 1
Perhaps no other Bible book brings us as directly to the heart of the Gospel as Paul's letter to the Romans. It brings us to the truth about our own need right from the start; but doesn't leave us in despair. We'll spend 24 weeks in this priceless treatise on the Gospel. Gary Sterner leads in Room 202.

Grace Centered Parenting
What characterizes your home? Is it joy and grace filled? Prov 4:23 says, "Above all, guard your heart." From the heart springs evil, anger, hurtful words. And out of a heart touched by grace springs change from the inside out. A valuable series led by Derek and Alyson Buursma, two young parents who are admittedly learning right by your side! Room 201

Fellowship Hall Option
Due to changes that had to be made the topic will be announced at a later date.