Adult Sunday School Options

Winter Offerings

Romans: Living Out Your Faith
Where Romans 1-7 gave the foundations of faith, Romans 8-16 addresses what it means to live out
good theology. Gary Sterner helps us grasp what it means to be living sacrifices, fully committed to live
as God's people at home, in community, with His Church. Meeting in room 202.

Closer Look
What does Calvary Church really believe? Look with us at the doctrines, history, and inner workings
of the Bible Fellowship Church as a prerequisite for church membership. Already a member? Join us
for a refresher on the foundations of our fellowship. Various teachers lead in the Conference Room.

A Beautiful Design
Gender confusion. Gender selection. Gender roles. Culture says this. Psychologists say this. What does
God's Word say? Matt Chandler's series builds on the foundation of the scriptures to celebrate God's plan
for women and men in the home, church, community. As Calvary thinks through biblical roles and application
in today's church, we'll study this issue together. Various teachers lead in the Fellowship Hall.