Adult Sunday School Options

December 2, 2018 thru February 24, 2019 at 10:00 am

John: In His Presence
In His last weeks before the cross, Jesus shared the most personal of moments with those He loved. They ate together, talked about the future, faced His final hours, wept, sang, prayed. In John 11-21 we'll walk with Jesus from His teaching to His final hours before the crucifixion to the glorious morning when He rose again. Mike Baca, Dick Reigle, and Mike Zettlemoyer lead in Room 202.

The Mingling of Souls
If you are married...this class is a "must." Whether you are a spouse who attends alone, newlyweds, or a long-married couple, Matt Chandler's DVD series and discussion based on the Song of Solomon is an excellent study that will bless your marriage and your walk with Christ. Because we expect a large response, the series (though limited to married individuals/couples) will be offered in the Fellowship Hall.

A Closer Look
What is it that Calvary Church believes? How do we function and serve together? What about baptism? This series for those not yet members of Calvary is a great opportunity to ask questions, understand our history, and consider our doctrinal statement. Currently a prerequisite for church membership, bring your Bible and your questions for 12 weeks together in the conference room.

Fruit that Lasts
What is your "struggle?" Anger? Worry? Impatience? Bitterness? The bad news is this: You can't wish them away, work them away, ignore them, or remove them with therapy. The GOOD NEWS is that the Holy Spirit in the Believer can and will replace these struggles with love, joy, kindness, peace...and more. This series takes a look at the Fruit of the Spirit that truly brings life change...change that lasts! Room 201

March 3 thru May 26, 2019 at 10:00 am

Israel's Wisdom and Songs of Praise
In our continuing "Through the Bible Series," we consider the writing of Solomon in Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs as well as selected Psalms. Mike Zettlemoyer, Bob Moreau, and Mike Baca lead in Room 202.

A Survey of the New Testament
Pastor Dave helps us consider how 27 books and letters written nearly 2,000 years ago by 9 men over a period of decades still matters today. From Jesus birth to his crucifixion and resurrection along with His challenge to His Church that extends to today, this study is invaluable and timely. Fellowship Hall.

The Doctrines of Grace
Three of our elders, Dan Grider, Jim Quartuccio, and Don Kuntzman lead this precious study of the heart of the Gospel: Saved by grace through faith alone in Christ alone according to the scriptures alone for the glory of God alone. Celebrate the foundations of our faith in Room 201.