Adult Sunday School Options

June – August 2018, 10:00 am

Choose from two valuable options:

1. Proverbs for Life
Anger and peace, parenting and finances, worry and married love...they're ALL in the ancient yet timeless book of Proverbs. As part of our "Through the Bible" series, we'll spend the summer months considering the changeless wisdom of Solomon and his contemporaries. Gary Sterner and others lead.

2. Contemporary Christian Issues
Always a highlight of our summer, Calvary's men and women take on some of life's most challenging issues viewing them through the lens of the Word of God. Outstanding! Meet in the Fellowship Hall.

June 3
12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You
Admit it or not, our lives have been changed by the onslaught of cell phones. Author Tony Reinke notes the good and bad impact of the I-Phone generation. Our time, values, privacy, relationships, even our faith are influenced by our digital world. Do our "likes" reflect what we value; or are our values influenced by our "likes?" How is the smart phone revolution impacting both 8 and 80 year olds? Mike Baca leads.

June 10
Beyond 18: Parenting and Praying for Adult Children
You never stop being a parent. The boundaries and authority change, but you're always a Dad or Mom. What are the joys and challenges of relationship with adult children? How can we impart wisdom without controlling (or trying to)? How should we pray for our adult children...and, if we're blessed, their children? When should we speak or be silent? What if we disagree? Let's talk about it...together. Mike and Jan Zettlemoyer

June 17
Fundamentalists Gone Wrong?
While equating every Islamic follower with terrorism is tantamount to identifying every Evangelical with Westboro Baptist Church, is there a tendency to swing far left and acquiesce to the fact that the Muslim and Christian God is one and the same? What are the differences and similarities in the beliefs of both groups? How do Muslims respond to the, "We all worship the same god" camp? Can the Church come to see our Islamic neighbors as people in need of the Gospel rather than objects of wrath? BFC missions representative, John Elias joins us.

June 24
Now, That's a Great Question!
Did God create other intelligent life besides humans? Is God sexist? Who made God? Why does He allow suffering? Isn't it arrogant to claim that Jesus and Christianity are the only way to God? Sean McDowell, son of author Josh McDowell and his father put together 77 questions that he has been asked over and over again and addresses them in his book, "77 FAQS About God and the Bible." We won't deal with all 77 at one shot, but let's consider some of the toughest with our Dave Twardzik.

July 1
Open Heart; Open Home
When we think of spiritual gifts, we often focus on preaching, teaching, or maybe missions. But, what about the lesser mentioned "gift of hospitality" from I Peter 4 and Romans 12? In the rush of life, might we reorder our priorities enough to use our homes and resources for relationship building and ministry? What impact might time around the dinner table, a cup of coffee and dessert, or a holiday with the lonely have for Christ? Should our hospitality be even more radical? The Buursmas lead.

July 8
Distinctives of a Healthy, Welcoming Church
During your annual physical, a quick look at your BP, pulse, cholesterol, and a blood test or two may give the big picture of your health (or lack thereof!) The Church Health Committee of the BFC has developed 10 markers to evaluate the health of a local congregation. Let's consider these ten marks with our pastors and get an up-to-date picture of the health of Calvary Bible Fellowship.

July 15
Cold Case Christianity
J. Warner Wallace was a homicide detective for many years. Known for his excellent practice as a detective, Wallace came to trust Christ through Saddleback Church in 1996 when he began to explore the biblical account of Christ's prophecies, birth, life, death, and resurrection from the perspective of a police officer. Eye witnesses, circumstantial evidence, written reports, consistent accounts...they all led him to trust the Gospel by faith; and he now lives for Christ with confidence in the Truth. Steve Behrens

July 22
Redeeming Money
If Jesus was unafraid to address the matter of our earthly treasures, why are we so hesitant to talk about our wallets and pocketbooks? Stewardship, responsible living, joyful spending, careful saving, giving that makes eternal impact...let's consider money matters together. Helpful, practical, challenging, encouraging: reflect on a biblical theology of stewardship that brings God glory and brings both order and joy to our lives. Steve Cassel and Dan Oswald lead.

July 29
Fifth Sunday Celebration – No Sunday School this week.

August 5
Nothing You Can Do: Really?
The church shooting in Sutherland, TX hit home. It was a church much like our own. Calvary has been working to provide a secure environment for worship. Some say, "If God is sovereign, including over the safety of Calvary Church, there's really nothing you can do. Just trust Him." Gene Parris, co-chair of the Safety and Security Committee addresses these thoughts and others related to God's providence and sovereignty in 2018, particularly as they relate to life here in Coopersburg.

August 12
Runaway Nun; Renegade Monk
Stolen away to freedom from the monastery in a fish barrel, Katharina and her friends shunned the life of the celibate nun and were welcomed into the lives of young men starting new lives together. That is, except for Katharina. The final unmatched nun, Luther took pity and as a matter of necessity took her as his wife. In time they grew to love each other deeply as they served their God of grace together. Alicia and Jeremy Walke share this heart-warming illustration of married love.

August 19
What's YOUR Story?
All Believers have a story. It may not be dramatic or intense; but it is a story of God's working in you. You may have come to Him as a teenager or during college, after a major life event, or during a communion service. A parent may have prayed with you or someone at Sno-Glo. Whatever: Your faith story matters! Hear from several who responded in faith when Christ called them to Himself and we'll help you tell your story as well. It could be the key to someone else's story too! Whether it's the drama of Lazarus or the simple words, "All I know is I was blind, but now I see!; what's your story?

August 26
Take Heart: Living in a Post-Everything World
Matt Chandler calls Christians to step up rather than cower in the shadows of a Post-9/11, Post-Modern, Post-Christian culture. He finds that we fall into one of 3 camps: Converting, Condemning, or Consuming. Consumers fall prey to the culture. Condemners do what they do best: condemn anything not like them. Converters try to change the world to go along with our views. Chandler calls for another "C" - Courage. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! Mike Baca finishes our series.