Mission Aviation Ohio

Mission Ohio 2016 Report

Evan Shields is a pilot-mechanic who is preparing with his family to do church planting work in an isolated unreached people group in Panama. Evan told our team that he could not do what he does without the services provided by MMS Aviation. That same story is repeated countless times by those serving in missionary aviation around the world, who receive labor at no cost for the services provided. MMS Aviation has about 15 mechanics and 8-10 apprentices (training to become licensed mechanics to serve in missionary aviation) that maintain, rebuild, inspect, and modify planes and components to serve missionary and non-profit entities. 3 BFC missionary families serve there: Tim & Michelle Obarow (Tim is Production Supervisor and head powerplant mechanic), Dave & Sherry Shelly & Rachel (Dave is Maintenance Supervisor), and Andy & Trisha Gudeman and three children (Andy is in the Apprentice Program). The entire staff of MMS are godly, joyful, skilled, relational, and committed servants of our Lord that are delightful to be around.

Our CBFC Mission Ohio team consisted of Steve Pruitt, Dave and Anne Slutz, and Tom Shorb. The team took on the project of building a new room in one of the three large hangars to house their current and a new larger bead blaster, which are used to clean and strip paint from dirty or corroded aviation parts. We modified the current battery room and built the new room next to it. The project involved framing, wiring, installation of two pressure air lines, installation of an air exhaust system to serve both machines, creation of two doorways, hanging of drywall, taping and spackling, and installing plywood flooring over the room for storage. Anne also assisted MMS with filing and computer work to update record keeping. Everyone at MMS was appreciative of the work of the team, and the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and fellowship.