Mission Vermont

Mission Vermont 2016 Report

On July 30, a van from Calvary BFC took a team of volunteers to The Fold Ministry in Lyndonville, Vermont. Thirteen people ranging from teenagers to senior citizens made up the team. There was a great amount of excitement as they all wondered how God would use them.

We worshipped at Lyndon Bible Church and had the privilege of attending a river baptism of eight people. It was thrilling to hear how God is working in people's lives.

The team had a great day of sight-seeing on Sunday. We went to a huge reservoir and enjoyed the beauty of God's creation. Then we went to Littleton, NH, and enjoyed the world's largest candy counter.

Our labor started on Monday by working on the administration building, which is being totally renovated. New rooms are being constructed to enlarge the offices, counseling rooms, computer room and family meeting room. The electrical wiring had to be installed. After the wiring was finished, drywall was put up. Then came taping, spackling, and sanding.

Other works projects included plumbing, renovation of kitchen cabinets, and repair of twenty lawn mowers. Two fuel tanks were removed from the ground, emptied of oil, and cut up into pieces. The team then went to the director's newly purchased home to do electrical work and strip wallpaper. God gave strength and help for each thing that was done.

We had wonderful fellowship with the staff as they led in devotions each morning and shared meals with us. Led by various men and teens from the team, our team devotions were uplifting, and the singing that followed was worshipful. The laughter and unity of the team was evident to even those at the Fold.

The Thursday night dinner and bonfire with the girl residents was a blessing. Much prayer for wisdom and staffing is needed for the reopening of the boys' home.

We arrived back at Calvary on Saturday, August 6 at 5:00 feeling so blessed and praising God for the opportunity.