Check-in System

Please use this link to enter your family's information into the check-in system.

Dear Parents,

Over the past several months, the Safety and Christian Ed. Committees of Calvary have started to use a Child Check-In process to improve the Safety and Security of the children and families that God gives us the privilege to serve. The system we chose to use for this secure check-in process is reliable, serves many churches nationwide, and has overall better equipped our church staff to respond to any health-related, potential, child safety, or emergency evacuation situations. The Check-Ins software company we chose to use meets our specific, local church needs, and only our church will have access to this information. We are pleased with Check-Ins for Nursery and then Pre-K, so we will be adding Check-Ins for Kindergarten through 5th grade.

If you are a parent of a child in this age group, please register your family online by using the link or QR code provided below. Alternatively, you may go to the church's website and follow the link to register. Hardcopy forms will also be available at the Manned Check-In stations. Please complete the registration process by March 31st so we can move forward effectively. With children, and responsible parents and guardians entered into the system in advance, we expect everything to go very smoothly. Very soon, we will:
• Start with Check-Ins for ages Kindergarten to 2nd grade during Sunday School (10:00-10:55) and ages 2-5 during 2nd Service (11:10-12:25) times. During this period, it is important that you try to get your children to their respective classrooms early, alleviating any potential backlogs. Jen Hughes, Sue Arthur, Jacques Marchand or Gene Parris will all be available to help you.
• Once Check-In for K- 2nd grade is going smoothly, the classroom teachers will also be equipped with iPads to handle this process themselves. In the event of any emergency this gives the capability to quickly account for all children and volunteers, a step that often causes significant stress to loved ones.
• Check-Ins for the next grades 3-5 of registered children will begin after this startup period. We will let you know at least one week in advance so that you can be well prepared.

Many first-time visitors to our church want to know about the safety of their children whom they place in our care. As such, it is important that we continue to expand the Child Check-In process. We so much appreciate your cooperation and help. God is positioning us as a church to meet the needs of the greater community he has placed us in. Thank you for helping us meet the relevant needs of the current generation of responsible parents in our demographic region.

In Christ,
Jenny Hughes
On behalf of the Safety and CE Committee