Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to glorify God together by making disciples who joyfully serve in the Southern Lehigh community, surrounding communities, and beyond.

Our Core Values

1. Preaching and Teaching
Because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, the expository preaching and teaching of the Scriptures is our primary focus.

Therefore, the communication of the truth of the Scriptures, in accordance with the Articles of Faith of the Bible Fellowship Church, will be central to all of our ministries.

2. Fellowship

Because we as children of God are in committed relationship with each other, we share our love and possessions and use our spiritual gifts to serve and encourage one another.

Therefore, Calvary Church will minister in the context of relationships that will be God focused, discipleship oriented, and biblically grounded.

3. Leadership

Because Christ is the head of the Church He provides leaders who listen carefully to His direction and model obedience to Him.

Therefore, Calvary Church will be led by a team of godly elders who equip believers for ministry and develop leadership.

4. Worship

Because the worship of God is our highest priority and greatest privilege, we acknowledge and declare God's character and worth in all aspects of life.

Therefore, our worship will be God centered, biblically sound, purposeful, participatory, and will be at the very heart of all we do.

5. Family

Because God has established both physical and spiritual families, we consider the nurture of both of high priority.

Therefore, we will provide an environment that is relational, nurturing, family-friendly, intergenerational, and joyfully supportive of families through all stages of life.

6. Team Ministry

Because the biblical approach to ministry leadership includes teams of gifted, equipped people serving together, we value team ministry.

Therefore, we will intentionally develop teams to promote growth and accomplish the work of the ministry.

7. World Missions

Because all authority has been given to Christ and he commands the making of disciples of all nations, and because He is building His Church, we proclaim the good news of Christ to those near us and like us as well as those far from us and different from us.

Therefore, Calvary Church engages in missions with a focus on the New Testament's emphasis on church planting and church strengthening by sending, financially supporting, and partnering with missionaries and church planters in our region, our nation, and the nations of the world.

8. Prayer

Because all that we do is by divine enabling, prayer is essential to the life of the Church.

Therefore, prayer will be an integral part of all aspects of the church's ministry.