Calvary Church seeks to take the Great Commission of Jesus seriously. Jesus said, Go, make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Together we seek to be engaged in Christ's mission locally, nationally, and globally. Calvary Church rejoices that God has called into active missionary service some of our own members. Calvary also partners with a number of other missionaries and church planters in the U. S. and around the world whom we have come to value and respect as capable servants in our Lord's worldwide mission.

Missionaries and Church Planters rely on supporters to provide their family income so that they can devote their full energies to ministry. Calvary Church provides financial support for our partners through the church's annual unified budget. Weekly, our Calvary Church family gives tithes and offerings to the Lord in gratitude for the income that He provides for us, and these funds are disbursed according to the unified budget established for the year. Each fall the Missions Committee and Elders review the support needs of each of our missionaries and establish support for the succeeding year. The support amount of each missionary and church planting family is listed in the church budget, and each of us who gives to Calvary Church is participating in the support of these servants proportionate to the budgeted amount for each family unit.

Currently, over 20% of the annual church budget is designated for support of missionaries, church planters, and other worthy outreach ministries. Reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a priority at Calvary Church. We willingly and enthusiastically partner through our faithful congregational giving.