Mission Sponsorship Fund

Individuals from Calvary Church who are participating in short-term missions, missions trips, summer missionary service, or other similar missions-related endeavors may apply for financial sponsorship from the congregation of Calvary Church by applying to the Missions Sponsorship Fund.

Applicants shall be members or regular attenders of Calvary BFC and should submit to the Missions Committee in writing a letter which includes the following:

  • Brief personal testimony of salvation and current spiritual life
  • Information about the Missions opportunity in which the individual desires to participate
  • Summary of reasons why the individual desires to participate in this missions opportunity
  • Reasons why sponsorship aid is requested and amount needed or desired
The application should be submitted to the church office or to the chairman of the Missions Committee.

The Missions Committee of Calvary Church will review the application and make a decision on sponsorship based on the qualifications of the individual, the nature and length of the trip, the extent of the need, and the availability of funds. The individual will be informed of the Missions Committee's decision.

The Missions Committee requests those who receive grants to keep the church informed of prayer needs relating to this missions involvement and to submit a report following the event.
The Missions Committee will assist in informing the congregation of the individual's missions involvement to encourage the prayer support of the congregation.