Mission Guadeloupe

Pastor Tom Shorb, Renee Liedig, Becky Henderson, Frank Henderson

February 23 - March 2, 2010

A team of 19 from five Bible Fellowship congregations served alongside BFC missionaries Duane and Joetta Moyer. Participating from Calvary were Frank Henderson, Rebecca Henderson, Renee Liedig, and Pastor Tom Shorb.

The team's primary task was construction work at Evangelical Church of Petit Bourg, enhancing the church facilities to accommodate their growing congregation. The team also did some redecorating at Centre Evangelique, a camp and conference center, where the team stayed while on Guadeloupe.

The high point of the trip, however, was the relationships formed and the cultural exchange that took place among all participants. The team worshiped and fellowshipped with the Guadeloupian Christians in their home church. Getting a glimpse of missionary life through the Moyers presented the team with a unique perspective that they will not soon forget.