High School

Senior High ministries are a strong focus at Calvary. Our goal is to reach out to young people from any background, make them feel comfortable, and teach them the foundational Truths of Christ from the Bible. Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join us each Wednesday at 8:00 PM as we worship Christ in music, through prayer, and through the teaching of the Bible. Come early while there's still space, because the room fills up quickly! Contact Tim Hogan (Tim@calvarybfc.org), Pastor of Youth and Young Adults with questions, ideas, or offering to assist.

In the Midst of Changing Times

While the recent elections threw many of us into a tailspin, imagine what has been going through the minds of today's teenagers. While your "enlightenment" and exposure to the roughest edges of life probably came in college or the Armed Forces, today's Junior High student are already fully aware. Sexuality, moral values, failing heroes, and choices that once faced post-high school students now pounce on our pre-adolescents. It's frightening.
But there is hope. There is light. There is guidance. Teens don't have to go through transition alone. With the church, Christian families, and committed friends working together, kids are much better equipped to face tomorrow.
Calvary's Teens know that better than most. Pastor of Youth and Young Adults, Tim Hogan and his committed, capable staff make impact on both Junior and Senior High teens. Relationships are developed here. Foundations for faith are fostered on Sunday mornings with Cross Training for committed teen believers and Wednesday night's outreach through Youth Group. Biblical truth, practically applied, along with strong relationships, mentoring leadership, and age appropriate worship are all guiding Calvary's kids through the challenge of the teen years.
Pray for them. Encourage them. As they serve by raking leaves and helping with younger kids, as they invite friends and welcome kids like them and different than them, even as they head out to their Sno-Glo Winter Retreat in January, your prayers and interest will make impact.
Teens...Living out their faith in a challenging world.