Common Questions

What should I expect when I visit?
You'll find Calvary to be a warm, relational fellowship...but we'll not put you on the spot. Many new folks are seeking attend quietly and just listen, watch, and learn. We encourage that! No one will harass you or be on your doorstep the next day...we promise! Just come and see. Your kids will be cared for. There'll be a place for you to meet others and to learn and grow together. We'll welcome you without making you feel awkward. And, we hope that you'll continue to come and feel more comfortable. We'll seek to answer your questions...but we won't overwhelm you.

How should I dress?
You won't find Calvary to be hung up on clothing or style. Some folks dress casually while others wear their "Sunday best." As long as our clothing doesn't distract from worship or is dishonoring to the God we serve, we have little concern about it.

Will I be asked to give?
Giving is a matter of the heart. In many services the congregation is given the opportunity to participate in an offering, but no one is ever put on the spot. If you're new, feel free to pass the plate to the next person and you've no reason to feel awkward. If you feel impressed to give, go ahead! The Scriptures say that when we give, we should give with joy...not out of compulsion.

I'm not a member here. Should I take Communion?
The Scriptures say that participation in the Lord's Supper, Communion is for those who have come to faith in Christ and have come prepared to remember again His sacrifice on our behalf. It has nothing to do with church membership or being from this fellowship. If you are a Christian who has come prepared to worship with others around the Lord's table, we welcome your participation!

Must I become a member right away?
We believe membership in a local fellowship is important, but membership has nothing to do with being welcome for worship and fellowship with Calvary Church. Come. Worship. Learn. Build relationships. Attend a "Closer Look" membership class and bring your questions. And when the Lord leads, we'll be glad to explain more about membership. Until then...just come!

Is your worship style contemporary or traditional?
Interesting question. Our worship is joyful, biblical, expressive, participatory, God-honoring. That means that some music will be upbeat and praise oriented. But then the next song you sing might be a wonderful old hymn that expresses much the same message. Both services are essentially the same. You'll find diversity here...great hymns to new melodies, new hymns that capture your heart, worship music that focuses our attention on the Savior. It's not the style that long as it in worthy of the God we worship!

How can I become involved?
Calvary is blessed with a largely involved congregation of gifted people. We believe that when God calls people to Himself, He also gives them gifts for service...the ability to teach, lead, care, encourage, serve. He gives special skills and abilities and a passion to use those abilities for His purposes. If you're new to Calvary, come, listen, learn, watch. As you develop relationship with the Church family, you'll see specific areas where you too can serve. Talk to a Pastor. Volunteer to serve. We'll help you find a place where you will find the greatest joy in ministering to others...when the time is right!